James Story

It is finally done!! So this is something I have been working on. I had the privilege of interviewing my friend James  I am grateful that he took the time out of his day to speak to me and to share a part of him and his story. I talk a lot about the importance of sharing stories and how stories have the ability to change lives, build community, connection and provide moments of realization that we are not alone in our pain and struggle AND there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Things do get better. I ask that you listen to this podcast with an open heart and an open mind. That you forgive me for the bad quality of sound in the beginning but that you stick through it because the sound does get better (It’s my first interview ever so please be nice haha)

Here’s a description of our talk :
“I dove into a part of my friend James story and journey in life; Drinking and driving leading to a tragic loss. James transparently discusses personal struggles, hurts, his journey of healing and what he continues to do to heal from his past and care for himself. Choosing love over fear, choosing love over negativity.”

I pray that this resonates with a lot of you out there. That it touches your heart, inspires conversation, and creates a space and environment of hope, healing, love, and community. I hope that this inspires many of my friends and family to take the time to get to know strangers and their stories and that it gives you the courage to share your story.

Stories change lives

And if you’d love to be a part of this project and share your story, message me!


Life Lessons

I’m on my way back home from a little vacation that became one of the most humbling experiences for me. I learned a valuable lesson. Not to judge a book by its cover.

We hear this saying all the time. It’s the moral in children’s short stories and quite the lesson to be learned. I’m at a point in my life where I feel I’ve had many experiences resulting in feeling pretty confident with the decisions I make and my reasonings behind them. I can tell you what I like and don’t. What I want and don’t and so on and so forth. I’m pretty open minded but I’ll admit at times I’m a little too confident with myself and my beliefs which in turn makes me blind. Blind to things that may be right in front of me.

I think as we become more experienced in life , we tend to tell ourselves we know everything until something happens to make us realize that we honestly know nothing.

And that was what happened this past week. I thought I had everything figured out. I had an idea in my head and was sticking to it and quickly came to realize not only was I completely off with my judgement and beliefs, but for many years I had allowed myself to be blinded by my pride in feeling that I had everything and everyone figured out.

It’s quite sad really. Thinking that there may be so many opportunities right in front of our very eyes and the only ones keeping us from them is no one other than ourselves.

Sometimes we have this destination set in our thoughts. The perfect picture painted of what life should be and is going to be. The biggest problem with that is that when your senses are focused on the things you think you know you want , you fail to see the other options. In turn possibly losing out.

When we focus on how life should be and needs to be, that’s all we tend to see.

I read this very same idea in a book but had the nerve to tell myself, “I would never do that” I’m extremely open minded yet here I was realizing that I did that very same thing I told myself I wouldn’t do. I had become so focused in the direction my life needed to go and  what I was going to allow.  I created such an in depth check list of my life, my bucket list, my expectations , goals , possible future prospects, that if things and people I was exposed to didn’t fit the criteria, I immediately pushed it aside.
And throughout my vacation the whole ideal of having everything figured out and never being wrong kinda fell apart. I realized that life is full of surprises. I realized that for some time I had put myself above some people. Making myself think I was better because I did A B C and they didn’t.
And yet here I was coming to a point where I had no other excuses available. I was faced with a decision. Do I allow myself to go in the direction I had preplanned, or was I going to try something out of my element and comfort zone and see where I went?
When I finally made that decision, I saw the true beauty of living in the moment and letting things naturally happen without forcing them one way or another. It was by far a very uncomfortable and nerve racking decision to make but one I needed to make and I’m glad that I did. It was a nice relief that for a moment in my life, I was not focused on exerting all of my efforts and energy in pushing things in the direction I wanted them to go.

So please, don’t hold onto the past. Don’t hold onto all the things that have tainted and screwed your perceptions of life and of people. Put aside everything you think you know and everything you think you want out of life and allow yourself to take it all in. Allow things to happen. You may be surprised at what you find at the end.

Truth behind depression

Such a powerful video!

This video really hit home for me. Right now I’m still a bit speechless for a lot of reasons. I sat here trying to think of what to write and say but words just aren’t coming to mind. Instead I decided to post some responses to the video that I came across.

(All these responses are on the videos page on Facebook)

“”Ricky” is the guy next to you as you order your coffee, he’s the guy you may even have rolled your eyes at because he seems off or ordinary. He could even be that guy trying to fit in at work or at the gym. Point is, he could be anyone on any given day that you and/or I cross paths with.”

– Leila Alverado 


“You still aren’t seeing the whole picture… They’re both depressed. With the main character in every splice, it is obvious he is depressed. However, with Ricky it was not obvious, until it was too late. Some cases of depression are easy to detect, while other cases are not so easy. Which is the exact point that Buzzfeed is making through this video.”

 -Dalton Locke


“This tripped me. Woah, what a valuable video. The greatest of attitudes doesn’t mean total happiness all the time. We treat people all kinds of negative ways and we have no clue what they’re dealing with. We don’t care until they’re gone. That’s the scary part.”

-Trenton Scipio


This really hit home with me, I suffer from depression and have since I was a teen. All my friends and family knew me as the “happy” person, even now I’m the “good morning” and “good night” person at work and at home. No one knew until very recent that I not only struggle with depression, but a history of self harm as well. I cried and had to watch this a few times, I know from experience that people who really suffer put on that happy face because we don’t want to bring everyone else down with us, or because we don’t think anyone will understand or even care. It’s hard to reach people like us because we don’t want anyone to know we’re suffering, for whatever reason, we don’t want that attention

-Jasmine Thompson


“The sad part is that the signs -are- there, they’re just not the ones we’re looking for. Sometimes depression looks like the guy in the video, but sometimes it looks like Ricky and I’ll tell you why. The way people cope is different, as many already know. Ricky was trying to repress his depression and loneliness by brightening other people’s days so that they don’t have to feel the way he does. Greeting others was also his way of reaching out, of trying to get “attention” (not in a negative connotation), in hopes someone would smile back or say “hey, how was your weekend? Wanna meet up later this week?” But he didn’t receive it.”

– Danny Giraud

Inspiration and Reminder


Came across this today while searching for inspirational quotes and it really inspired me. This is the kind of life I want to live. Being a Christian, these past few years I have focused on bettering myself because my goal is to be more Christ-like.

Now of course I could never be Christ but the life that Jesus lived is the kind of life I want to live. A life of love, forgiveness, treating people with respect, not judging, loving your enemies, etc. So when I saw this quote I thought that it was similar to my goal in life.

I want people to look at me and not feel hatred, judgement, or any form of negativity. I want people to look at me and understand that I have gone through so much and have never given up so they too can get through it. I want to push people to be better, to not give up, to hold onto hope, to push through, to get up when they get knocked down. I want God to use me to heal broken hearts.

So even if you do not believe in God, it’s okay. Because I just want you to remember to not give up. Keep fighting. Your life is worth it and you have a purpose