One of my favorite photos! More or less a candid photo of me at a Great Gatsby themed casino dinner event.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here and it’s because I’ve been working on a lot of projects behind the scenes. Once I get some of my art completed, I most certainly will update my account.

But I wanted to take the time to just give my thanks to God for all of you always supporting me and being there throughout my journey. Love each and every one of you. My journey has taken me all the way to San Diego and far away from my home, family and friends but it’s been amazing how much I’ve grown out here and how many amazing people I’ve met throughout. I just hope to be a light to many of you out there and I hope to be able to share all that I’ve been blessed with. God has been SO amazing and good and I just wanted to take a second to share that. Some of you know my story or parts of it. A lot of heart break, hurt and struggle. So just remember that even when you’re on the bottom and you feel like you’re drowning, God has SO much more for you. ❤️ My life has been living proof of how someone can go from being in turmoil, depression, anxiety, sadness, insecurity to just true joy, happiness, and love. Confidence in my self and realization of my self worth ❤️

Thank you all for being a part of my journey and supporting me!!! So excited to be sharing all that I’ve been working on within this page and my personal page @raizanoelia . .
Xoxo .
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  • Being vulnerable is something I have been learning because I grew up needing to have tough skin to survive. Yesterday at church I was challenged to be vulnerable. Something that just isn’t in my vocabulary and anytime I am asked to be vulnerable, I pause and cringe a bit. I am thankful that I stepped up and made the decision to be vulnerable because I was told something I needed to hear and be reminded. This morning I spent some time praying and asking God what He wanted me to do. I just hit a moment of frustration and doubt and as soft as a whisper I felt Him telling me something that I needed to hear and be reminded. Both yesterday and today I was reminded that God loved me and that all He wanted me to do was tell everyone else that He loves them too.

    So this post is to remind each and every one of you that God loves you right where you are. Your flaws, mistakes, and imperfections DO NOT MATTER! I can’t emphasize that enough. You are PERFECTLY made and He LOVES you. He loves you. HE LOVES YOU ❤

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  • James Story

    It is finally done!! So this is something I have been working on. I had the privilege of interviewing my friend James  I am grateful that he took the time out of his day to speak to me and to share a part of him and his story. I talk a lot about the importance of sharing stories and how stories have the ability to change lives, build community, connection and provide moments of realization that we are not alone in our pain and struggle AND there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Things do get better. I ask that you listen to this podcast with an open heart and an open mind. That you forgive me for the bad quality of sound in the beginning but that you stick through it because the sound does get better (It’s my first interview ever so please be nice haha)

    Here’s a description of our talk :
    “I dove into a part of my friend James story and journey in life; Drinking and driving leading to a tragic loss. James transparently discusses personal struggles, hurts, his journey of healing and what he continues to do to heal from his past and care for himself. Choosing love over fear, choosing love over negativity.”

    I pray that this resonates with a lot of you out there. That it touches your heart, inspires conversation, and creates a space and environment of hope, healing, love, and community. I hope that this inspires many of my friends and family to take the time to get to know strangers and their stories and that it gives you the courage to share your story.

    Stories change lives

    And if you’d love to be a part of this project and share your story, message me!


    Take action

    I was out exploring Seattle for a couple of days and learned a valuable lesson by a stranger I befriended named Alex. We sat down and had breakfast together and started chatting about homelessness. Opinions on how to combat an issue that is very apparent in our country. He looked at me and gave me the simplest answer to solving a lot of issues in our society and community. He looked at me and simply said “Action.” I was hoping to get some long response. I assumed that solving varying degrees of issues both complex and simple merited some well thought out solution and during this conversation at breakfast I realized that the solution is very simple. How many times do we hear any amount of people, politicians, business owners, every day people state they want to make a difference, make a change in the world, and make some sort of positive impact?

    People SAY they want to do a whole lot, but who actually follows through with ACTION?

    This moment was so profound for me because my desire in life is to truly make some sort of positive change. I SAY I want to help but then when I’m offered an opportunity to help, I want to do it ON MY TERMS. I say I want to help but then explain my parameters and/or conditions on how I’m going to do it. I want to feed a hungry homeless person but then tell them it has to fall within a certain budget I’ve allocated because anything more would be a bit of a burden. (After having spent money on a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t need but really wanted)

    WOW! What this man said to me today really took me a back and made me realize, we can SAY all we want to say.

    We can wish for a better world but what’s actually going to make a difference are not our words but our ACTION!

    So I challenge you to take action today. Stop saying you want to do all these things, pursue all these dreams, make a difference or be a difference and go there and actually DO IT.

    Make the decision to stop saying and start doing. ❤️

    Photo taken by @raizanoelia

    Hard Work

    I’ve been reading #thehollywoodcommandments by #devonfranklin and what really stuck with me was this quote. .


    .How many times in life do we pursue things only to give up because things are too hard? I’ve been told countless times that if things are too hard or too complicated, it’s not meant to work out but I’m starting to realize that the things we are meant to do and the people we are meant to be will take A LOT of HARD work. Even some blood, sweat, and tears as they say and it’s okay. I don’t think anything in life is really ever meant to be a peace of cake, and all great things are earned through hard work.



    . I’m sure if we were to ask anyone who has successful businesses, marriages, and careers they would most likely say something similar, it all took hard work and then some. Action is just as important as prayer. You can’t just sit around hoping things will happen, you’ve got to make sure you’re aligned and then go out and do it. ❤️


    “When things go wrong as they sometimes will,

    When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,

    When the funds are low and the debts are high

    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

    When care is pressing you down a bit,

    Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

    Life is strange with its twists and turns

    As every one of us sometimes learns

    And many a failure comes about

    When he might have won had he stuck it out;

    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow—

    You may succeed with another blow.

    Success is failure turned inside out—

    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

    And you never can tell just how close you are,

    It may be near when it seems so far;

    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit—

    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.”

    – By John Greenleaf Whittier

    Pursuing our dreams and purpose

    As kids, you’re encouraged to DREAM. As adults, you’re told dreams don’t really come true. That dreams are just fairy tales and for children.

    When we die, one of our biggest regrets with be everything we didn’t do. It’ll be everything we said we wanted to do but never got around to it. I’m a big dreamer with big ambitions but it wasn’t until this year that I learned that if you don’t create a path for your dream ( set goals, milestones, check ins along the way) it’s easy to think you’re working towards your dream only to realize you been wandering around in circles. Which leads to discouragement and creates space for you to want to give up.

    My heart has always been full of big aspirations and this desire to change the world and be a part of healing the broken hearted. I’d see phenomenal things that others would do and my heart would crave those things. The thing was, I never created a realistic plan on what I needed to do to get there. I’d do random things but never with intent/purpose of the bigger goal. I’d see all these people doing what I wanted to do but wasn’t aligning my life and actions to accomplish those things.

    It’s like I had this big shiny red car that I wanted to drive. And instead of pressing the gas peddle , I’m washing the car, cleaning the tires and windows, cutting the grass, all while wanting to drive but never getting into the driver seat so I could go.

    Dreams I feel work the same. We all have them, but don’t align things in our life or take purposeful steps with the intent of accomplishing those dreams.

    So today I just want to encourage you to have COURAGE to pursue the things you want in life so you can fulfill all your dreams!! Because dreams do come true, we just need to have the courage to pursue and obtain them.

    You are perfectly made

    And you are extraordinary! .

    I read today that there is only one chance in 10/2,000,000,000 that your parents can have another child like you and that the combinations of attributes that you have cannot be duplicated. WOW! We are so beautifully and uniquely made ❤️ .

    This past week I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about suicide. From the suicide rate of veterans to the suicide rate of kids and teens and It breaks my heart. I was told today that someone I knew committed suicide and I sat there for a bit letting it sink in.

    I’ve lost friends to suicide and have attempted suicide multiple times when I was in my teens. I am grateful that I can stand here today, strong, and confidentially say those thoughts are something of the past and I haven’t had thoughts like those in over 10 years. But back then, confidence wasn’t even in my vocabulary. I thought the world was better off without me. I didn’t want to hurt anymore & I didn’t want to deal with the pain of the everyday. But I promise you it gets better. Yes I still get discouraged, down, sad, and depressed but I no longer allow those fleeting moments to control me and my thoughts because I have learned I am worthy, I am loved and I have learned to love all of me!

    If I was right in front of you, I’d look you right in the eyes and I’d tell you: I love you. God loves you. Don’t listen to the lies of others. Don’t listen to the lies formed from your doubt and insecurities. YOU are PERFECTLY and UNIQUELY made. Scientifically there will never be another person like you. Statistically the odds are slim to none. Spiritually, God made you perfectly. All your “flaws”, unique qualities, quirks, etc are perfect. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You are worth it! You are beautiful! You are intelligent! You are capable! You will change the world! You have a purpose! You are not your past! We make mistakes and ITS OKAY! You WILL find a community of people who appreciate you for who you are. You WILL find people who love you for who you are. You WILL find a tribe who will support you right where you are. ❤️

    Remember you are freaking perfect just the way you are!


    PATIENCE… Easier said than done. Patience in general is difficult for most. Knowing specifically what you want, having people tell you “in due time” and having to wait with no date in sight, is a whole other animal.

    I’ve always struggled with the unknown areas of life. I’m a yes or no kind of person and have always had difficulties with the wishy washy moments. We all face some version of this and it’s something that won’t necessarily change.

    I wish I had a better answer for these kinds of moments but I’ve learned that spending energy wishing things would happen quicker is a fast way to get yourself in a rut of negativity because you end up focusing so much on what you want, that you lose sight of how far you’ve come and all that you currently have. ❤️