Episode 5 – Podcast : Wasem’s Story

Episode 5 is here!!!! It’s actually been here for a bit but I forgot to share it on our website.

Sooo … If you haven’t already, check out Episode 5 where I interview @wasem1. The link is here!!  ❤️ You can also find the episode on @spotify and ITunes under HealingBrokenHeartsProject.
Born in Afghanistan and raised in the States, we dive into the struggles Wasem faced living in two very different yet beautiful cultures. Sharing monumental moments in his life, we discuss those who greatly impacted him and influenced who he is today. Meet Wasem.

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Loving Acceptance

“Love does not begin and end like we think it does. Love is a battle, Love is a war,love is growing up” -James Baldwin.

We are brought into this world only ever knowing one type of love, the love from our parents, the love of a family. Our father shows us strength, hard work and motivation, our mother shows us compassion,beauty, passion and in turn we find perseverance, confidence, and happiness. But not all of us in this universe are so lucky to be given this type of love we are so destined to have.

We as individuals have a different story in all of us that sets us apart. Whatever life we are given, the lack of one parent or both, we each find a way to figure out how our story ends and what we make of it. Some of us look to others for adoration for acceptance.

But the one kind of love that can never be taken, the one kind of love that can only be altered or defeated is that of ourselves.

Your heart, your soul can hold love for each and every substance or being that this world could offer, but it can’t ever be true or real unless you love yourself first. To love yourself is to believe that your are a fighter, to believe that you can overcome and that everything is possible, to smile at your hard work and believe you did your best, to stand up for your beliefs no matter the opinions of another, to accept the opinion of another but to still be true to who you are. To keep pushing forward no matter what gravity has in store. To never give up, no matter the struggle.

To love yourself is where confidence,compassion,beauty, motivation and strength comes from.

We are not all lucky to have have had teachings passed down to us, but that is what life is for. We are so lucky to have what is around to mold into what we are destined to be.

It all starts within ourselves, harness your power, believe in the impossible, and push forward to your tomorrow.

Love is a beautiful thing and those who are willing to search will be given the key you,yourself are holding.

” If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell will you learn to love someone or something else.” Ru Paul.

-Article written by Andy E. for Healing Broken Hearts Project


When the Hardships Come At You

All of my life I wanted to become still like these rocks resting on top of rocks. I wanted to come to a point in life where I didn’t want to feel anything anymore, but I’d probably have to be dead to get to that point.

So, the same way these rocks had the stability to rest there through a natural disaster, I’ve come to understand the stability of feelings and life in general. Yes bad things happen, we go through hurt, we worry, but as long as we look at a situation in the worst way, we may never find any sort of equilibrium.

Because I was hurting inside, I wanted to push all of my feelings away. I didn’t want to feel anything anymore, whether it was hurt, betrayal, abuse, love, etc.

After reading many self help books and talking to a a few of my close friends, I’ve come to realize that it is okay to feel, to hurt, to be angry… I decided to let all the feelings come at me, while I made myself get back up on my feet and continue to find some sort of stability and sense of peace.

Burying your feelings away isn’t going to help you find happiness, but allowing yourself to go through with the emotions helps you clear your mind and soul. I’ve incorporated meditation, yoga, running, walking, and doing other things out of my comfort zone so that it could help me find some sort of peace within me.

When the hardships come at you, the ones you can’t control, go with the flow, but remember you are stronger than you think you are and you can find peace and stability wherever you may be.

If these rocks were able to balance on top through a natural disaster, we can overcome any hardship in life, especially with support from loved ones. Accept who you are, accept your feelings, and accept change.