Take action

I was out exploring Seattle for a couple of days and learned a valuable lesson by a stranger I befriended named Alex. We sat down and had breakfast together and started chatting about homelessness. Opinions on how to combat an issue that is very apparent in our country. He looked at me and gave me the simplest answer to solving a lot of issues in our society and community. He looked at me and simply said “Action.” I was hoping to get some long response. I assumed that solving varying degrees of issues both complex and simple merited some well thought out solution and during this conversation at breakfast I realized that the solution is very simple. How many times do we hear any amount of people, politicians, business owners, every day people state they want to make a difference, make a change in the world, and make some sort of positive impact?

People SAY they want to do a whole lot, but who actually follows through with ACTION?

This moment was so profound for me because my desire in life is to truly make some sort of positive change. I SAY I want to help but then when I’m offered an opportunity to help, I want to do it ON MY TERMS. I say I want to help but then explain my parameters and/or conditions on how I’m going to do it. I want to feed a hungry homeless person but then tell them it has to fall within a certain budget I’ve allocated because anything more would be a bit of a burden. (After having spent money on a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t need but really wanted)

WOW! What this man said to me today really took me a back and made me realize, we can SAY all we want to say.

We can wish for a better world but what’s actually going to make a difference are not our words but our ACTION!

So I challenge you to take action today. Stop saying you want to do all these things, pursue all these dreams, make a difference or be a difference and go there and actually DO IT.

Make the decision to stop saying and start doing. ❤️

Photo taken by @raizanoelia

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