Hard Work

I’ve been reading #thehollywoodcommandments by #devonfranklin and what really stuck with me was this quote. .


.How many times in life do we pursue things only to give up because things are too hard? I’ve been told countless times that if things are too hard or too complicated, it’s not meant to work out but I’m starting to realize that the things we are meant to do and the people we are meant to be will take A LOT of HARD work. Even some blood, sweat, and tears as they say and it’s okay. I don’t think anything in life is really ever meant to be a peace of cake, and all great things are earned through hard work.



. I’m sure if we were to ask anyone who has successful businesses, marriages, and careers they would most likely say something similar, it all took hard work and then some. Action is just as important as prayer. You can’t just sit around hoping things will happen, you’ve got to make sure you’re aligned and then go out and do it. ❤️

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