Pursuing our dreams and purpose

As kids, you’re encouraged to DREAM. As adults, you’re told dreams don’t really come true. That dreams are just fairy tales and for children.

When we die, one of our biggest regrets with be everything we didn’t do. It’ll be everything we said we wanted to do but never got around to it. I’m a big dreamer with big ambitions but it wasn’t until this year that I learned that if you don’t create a path for your dream ( set goals, milestones, check ins along the way) it’s easy to think you’re working towards your dream only to realize you been wandering around in circles. Which leads to discouragement and creates space for you to want to give up.

My heart has always been full of big aspirations and this desire to change the world and be a part of healing the broken hearted. I’d see phenomenal things that others would do and my heart would crave those things. The thing was, I never created a realistic plan on what I needed to do to get there. I’d do random things but never with intent/purpose of the bigger goal. I’d see all these people doing what I wanted to do but wasn’t aligning my life and actions to accomplish those things.

It’s like I had this big shiny red car that I wanted to drive. And instead of pressing the gas peddle , I’m washing the car, cleaning the tires and windows, cutting the grass, all while wanting to drive but never getting into the driver seat so I could go.

Dreams I feel work the same. We all have them, but don’t align things in our life or take purposeful steps with the intent of accomplishing those dreams.

So today I just want to encourage you to have COURAGE to pursue the things you want in life so you can fulfill all your dreams!! Because dreams do come true, we just need to have the courage to pursue and obtain them.

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