For anyone pursuing their dreams and purpose, remember that “the doubts of others can make the truth seem false.” Sometimes we feel in our heart of hearts that we are meant to do certain things, pursue certain passions, have a career in certain areas and we are faced with people who completely disagree and who begin to plant seeds of doubts in our hearts. .


We worry what “they” will say when they know we are pursuing our dreams and desires and “they” can then present a hurdle in our lives. .


What I took away from this bible study (#thetwohurdlesofGodswill) was that we shouldn’t worry about what “they” say or think. People don’t think about you 24/7! Don’t waste anymore time trying to please and impress people we may not know 10 years from today. 😳🤯 .


It’s your season to step out of the cave of doubt! Don’t let the worry of others thoughts about you cause hesitation in pursuing Gods will and purpose over your life. “Why live for the approval of others when you are not even on the front burner of their thoughts”

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