The Journey

I’m not sure what’s been more difficult. Not knowing what direction to take, or knowing and having to wait. It’s been quite the journey for me. I’m 30 and nowhere near where I’d like to be. I’m passionate about healing the broken-hearted, yet don’t have a clue quite yet on what to do. I want to have a family and find my soul mate yet I’m single. I understand that when the time is right, it’ll come to pass but I’d be lying if I said there were not a lot of setbacks and realignments along the way. What I can say looking back is that I wouldn’t change any of it.


I guess the point of me bringing any of this up is that I’ve come to realize that our entire lives are a journey. Whether we know what needs to happen next yet need to patiently wait or we don’t know what to do and are waiting to figure it out.


Regardless of where we are at in our journey, I’ve realized that a journey can’t be successful without Faith. Faith in doing what you can, and trusting everything else will work its way out. The time will come where patience is rewarded and not knowing what to do will be replaced with knowing. Remember and trust that the journey is going to lead you to amazing places you couldn’t even begin to dream of and trust that it’ll all work it’s way out one way or another. Just do your part and everything else will follow.

#Godsperfecttiming #Godsmasterplan #thejourney #patienceisavirtue #perfectioninimperfections

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