D E S I R E S O F O U R H E A R T S…

I clearly need to go out and take more photos for my posts 😂 Not a fan of selfies. Anywho, I went to church this past Sunday and the topic of discussion was Hope. The pastor went on to discuss the very popular verse that speaks of God giving us the desires of our heart, emphasizing on the importance of understanding the part right before that line of scripture. The part that speaks of Delighting yourself in the Lord first.

That’s something I’ve always struggled with. Have you ever wanted something so bad you’ve been blinded and never took the time to meditate on whether what you REALLY REALLY want is actually what you need? Or if it’s even good for you?

On Sunday I was reminded that God wants to bless us with the best, not the mediocre. He doesn’t want us to settle. So why do we settle?

I think one of the reasons why we settle is due to fear. Fear that if we don’t take what’s right in front of us (even if it’s not good for us) we will never have another opportunity like that again.

So I’m here to remind YOU to not settle and have faith. Faith that what God has planned for you is perfect. That God is working in your life to align things just right and make sure you’re ready for them when it arrives. Whether it’s your SOULMATE, your desire to work somewhere you’re PASSIONATE about , your desire to be HAPPY, have a FAMILY, change the WORLD, etc etc. It’s all coming! And as hard as it is to believe and be patient, remember that although you might not be able to see it, God is working behind the scenes to give you what you need at the right time. ❤️

#bestillandknowthatiamGod #perfecttiming #soulmate #passion #changetheworld #patienceisavirtue #boldyexpectgoodthings #love #Godisgood

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