Proper alignment

“Be so A L I G N E D nothing f*cks with your vibration” – Spirit Daughter .

I came across this quote that I wanted to share. I think it’s so important to be aligned with our purpose in life, our light, and our path so that regardless of the chaos around us, we stay aligned and on track.

I’ve been feeling unaligned lately and have been so influenced by my environment and surroundings in ways I didn’t think were possible. It became a great reminder that I need to realign my purpose, goals, and life to get back on track to pursuing my desire to change the world in a positive way.

I’m grateful for Gods love and mercy and pray that everyone out there reading this, including myself, takes some time to realign and get back on track. It’s okay to fall off track as long as we never give up getting back on it! And I hope to be in a place in my life that I’m so aligned that nothing can mess with my vibration.

#love #gettingbackontrack #realigningmyself #Godsloveandmercy #vibration #purpose #stayingontrack

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