L ❤️ V E : “ oh how He loves us “ .


There is no greater love than God’s love. Love is most certainly one of those heartfelt feelings that can be tainted by humans. I believe people attach love to their feelings causing disappointment when a person doesn’t properly represent their interpretation of love in their hearts and minds. .


I believe Love is meant to be unchanging, remaining consistent regardless of the circumstances. Love doesn’t change, people do. Love doesn’t disappoint, people disappoint. .


I believe we want to blame love for our brokenness , sadness, anger, but i don’t think it’s because of love that we feel all those other feelings but instead it’s due to our flaws as humans. .


Love to me is like air, a constant. We are the changing variable. .


“Love Never Fails” .


#love #quotes #Godslove #myinterpretation #photography #lovecoaster #handmade #life #inspiration

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