3 – 2 – 1 – Blastoff

I plan on actually trying this method out tomorrow morning. I have the tendency to feel inspired to make changes/motivate myself to do things differently yet having a very hard time when it comes to actually doing it. I could never understand why. It’s something I’ve prayed and meditated about for a long time and I finally came across this video.

The speaker makes such amazing points about KNOWING what to do yet for whatever reason, NOT being able to do them. We shouldn’t depend on “self-motivation” because it does fail us when we need it most. But I love how she goes over the science behind how our brain works and its ability to trick us into thinking something is far scarier than it actually is. Our brain tries to tell us lies so that it can protect us and survive. It’s our job to break those habits that have been created to protect us and push past fear. She says it can be done simply by counting down right before you have to do something because it allows you to do something before your brain convinces you otherwise. It helps break your thought cycle/pattern/reasoning behind why you should hit the snooze button, why you shouldn’t speak up, why you should lay in bed all day, why you shouldn’t do this, that and the other. She goes into some detail about her life experiences and explains the reasoning behind counting down in the video…

Watch the video and tell me what you think.

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