Inspired Thoughts

I watched the movie “Arrival” today which got me to thinking of something bigger.

Why are most peoples initial encounter with someone different followed by anger, violence, and war?

Why do we attack at the first sign of uncertainty? This fear of getting hurt causes us to build up walls of defense, followed by mortal kombat moves. Whether it’s a hurtful word, push, shove, punch, shot, stab, or worst.

I’ve seen people get beat to death because they were different. I’ve seen videos of a race walk through a neighborhood predominately of another race get punched multiple times for no other reason but the difference of skin color. I’ve seen people start wars because of culture differences, race, religion, and uncertainty. The what ifs and fears lead to people reacting instead of stepping back and listening.  Have we gone through so much that everything new in life is perceived as a threat? How sad life becomes. How many opportunities must be missed because of this fear of the unknown and fear of uncertainty.

How many skewed perceptions must be spread around in the world based off of mere misconceptions.. misunderstandings.. misinterpretations..

It saddens me to think that there is so much hatred and anger in this world due to so much fear.

Fear which could easily be eliminated by simply doing some research and educating ourselves on said differences.

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