Dysfunctional Love

Love is an interesting thing.

Very much misunderstood; many having dysfunctional expectations of Love.

From falling in love to falling out of it.

From face planting to being swept off your feet.

From being blinded to being swooned.

Love is multifaceted.

Colorful. Dark. Confusing and clear. Love comes in pounding waves yet sometimes feel nonexistent.

Love gives and takes. Hurts and Heals. Grows and breaks. 

I read a post a few days back on love and it went on to describe peoples dysfunctional interpretation of what love is supposed to look like.

Love is typically seen as a “what can I get” instead of “what can I give”

And I’m continuing to learn that love is all about giving. Learning to give yourself the love that you deserve. Pure love, God’s love. Because God’s love is the only kind of love I know that will never change and He is an amazing example of the kind of love we are meant to give others. A love without conditions or expectations. A love that gives without taking. A love that is pure and sweet. A love that heals.

True unconditional love.

With Valentines Day coming up, remember that love is not about receiving gifts, expecting gifts, or showing someone that you care about them during ONE day of the year.

Love is a way of living and I hope that with the 14th right around the corner, that you take it as a day to remind you of the way you should be living life each and everyday. Let it remind you to love unconditionally, without contracts, expectations, or conditions.

Love unconditionally


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