It’s been quite the year.

The last day of 2016 I felt a lot stronger than before. Although I know I have so much to work on in the new and coming year, I’ve grown so much and have learned to let go and let God take control of things. I’ve learned to love and forgive, the importance of church, and what’s important to me in a church.

I’ve learned better ways to communicate and be honest. I’ve stumbled and fallen but because of God, have gotten up! 2015 was a year of healing and 2016 was a year of transformation and understanding.

I’ve learned to understand things that are out of my control. Learning that there will be some things in life that will never make sense and I just have to understand that and accept it.

I’ve learned a lot about my tendency to over focus on my desires to be in a relationship and find “The One”

I’ve learned to hang in there, to take a day at a time, and that my thoughts are extremely powerful. I’ve learned that the devil doesn’t play fair and will try his hardest to sabotage life.

I’ve learned that practice is needed to get better at things and you can’t expect good results if you don’t put in effort. I’ve learned that sometimes I talk too much and that good intentions can be harmful.

I’ve learned to LOVE myself for who I am through flaws and all and I’ve learned to embrace my imperfections! I’ve grown more confident in myself and have strengthened my ability to speak up (although it still needs work)

I’ve learned more about depression and anxiety and have learned through the rollercoasters of life that God has always been there without fail and is always there to help you navigate the storms of life.

I’ve learned that just one person can make an impact, a huge influence and can truly make quite the difference. I learned that people will bash your dreams but you have to keep fighting for them because some people will never understand.

I can go on and on about what I’ve learned this year, but the most important lesson was that I learned to love myself where I am right at this very moment ❤

I know I still do things that I need to work on but the beauty is that I know how capable, amazing, and BIG my God is and nothing is impossible for Him.

I hope that even if 2016 wasn’t the best year, that you learned and grew a lot from the things that happened that year. I hope and pray that 2017 is full of amazing things for you all!

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