The desire to “fix” someone 

I read something today that bothered me and it’s regarding people feeling the need to “fix” other people. Living in a country where suicide, depression, and anxiety are prevalent, I’ve come across many people who have said I wish I could have fixed them before they took their life, I’ll do anything to try and fix what they are going through , I wish I could fix them.
The term “fix” upsets me. It implies that people are like a toy that can be super glued together. It implies that something is inherently wrong with me that drastically separates me from you to a point that others think the way to bridge that gap is by “fixing” those that are “broken.”

Regardless of the reasoning, people want to feel like people. Not like some science project or a “circus freak”. People go through some messed up things and we may never understand why someone took their life, why they are depressed , or have anxiety or anything else. Whether it’s a chemical imbalance or God knows what else.

But telling someone you want to or wish you could fix them is a terrible thing to say. There is no need to make someone feel more different then they already do especially when it feels like no one understands what they’re going through. Instead you should love them, be supportive, and be a real friend.

Something to keep in mind: Wanting to be there for someone is drastically different than wanting to fix them. 

People may struggle to get out of bed sometimes, have no desire to eat, get overwhelmed easily, upset, have a negative way of seeing things, not want to be around people, feel “broken” , feel down, feel like they can’t breath, feel like they are worth nothing or any other feeling associated with depression , anxiety , etc. That doesn’t mean people need to be FIXED. That just means they need some EXTRA support in different areas of their lives.

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