Spoken truths

** For some reason the video won’t embed. Working on fixing it. But if you click the link you can watch the video**

Our world is such that those wanting to make a change in their life have a very difficult time doing it. That’s one of the first things I thought to myself as the video began and the man began to speak.

Then I started to think of reasons why it would be so difficult for someone to get back into the world after serving time in jail. I thought of a million reasons and came back to thinking that although most reasons could be viewed as valid, it reflects a little something about the way our country works. Very one dimensional, very egocentric.

But this post isn’t about a guy who committed a crime,served time, and is having difficulties but about the truth that he speaks regarding his experience in life; society tends to only care about themselves. Our country has gone through so much hurt that as the man mentions “They just don’t want nothing to do with nobody” We no longer want to help others in fear of getting hurt, being taken advantage of, or being sued. We no longer want relationships with others because of the pain we’ve been through, the tragedies we’ve witnessed and experienced, the hurt we currently have in our hearts that no one seems to ask about.

I love the part he says about Facebook. Messaging his “friends” to have actual phone conversations. No one calling him. The obsession people have with social media. People not wanting actual relationships. Texting because people are too busy with their lives. These are all things I’ve been guilty of. From my list of close friends, I probably only speak to two of them consistently on the phone.

I actually had this conversation with a friend last night. I asked if we could FaceTime because I was sick of texting. Sick of texting in general. I love texting for the quick conversation. The “Should I buy a gallon of milk?” kinds of questions but I thrive off of interactions with human beings. Conversations about interests, passions, randomness, etc. and that can’t be done through text. To me, this is a reflection of the wedge we are creating amongst ourselves. The less time we take to talk to someone, get to know them, ask them questions, the less likely we are to care for them.

Is it a surprise that social media is so popular yet relationships are lacking? No. Is it a surprise that there is so much anger and hatred in our world? That there are people spewing nonsense to one another for no reason at all? No. It’s no surprise because we live in a world where love, compassion, and kindness are lacking. Where many people are self-centered and focused in their own interests.

Let’s start making a difference even if it’s just one persons life. Let’s spread love and make positive influences in others. As the guy says “This world sucks” and I don’t know about you but I want to be a part of the group of people who want to make this world not suck anymore.

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