I’ve never been big on celebrating holidays, not because I’m anti-holidays but because I’ve always believed that a holiday should be celebrated everyday not just the day of. Especially a day like today.

I know that it’s difficult for some to celebrate Thanksgiving. For the indigenous I know that today was actually a day of their people being killed and taken. For some a day like today is very hard because they may not have family or friends to celebrate with. Today could mark a day of sadness.

So I want you all to know that I love each and every one of you and am grateful for you. Although I don’t know many of you personally, you are all part of my life in one way or another. You could be my teacher, the person who delivers my mail, the person who picks up the trash/recyclables, the person who fixes my car, the person who let’s me cross the street or let’s me into traffic, you could be the person who makes my breakfast when I order out, the person who works for the electrical company who provides me heat and light, you could be the person who smiles at me at the grocery store, the person who picks up my phone call when I call customer service, you could be anyone who I encounter, have encountered or will encounter at any point in my life. For that I am grateful.

Even those who may upset me, make me cry or frustrate me, I am grateful for them as well. Although I may not have felt that way at first, if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today. My patience, compassion, and love for others would not exist. So for all of you I am also thankful.

I always get people who ask me, how can you be so optimistic and loving? I can honestly say that it’s because of God. I say this because today my thanksgiving consisted of excitement, which dwindled down into my family arguing, not eating dinner together, and spending the rest of the day on the couch doing homework. I was really upset because I wanted to spend time with my family, laugh, maybe watch a movie together and it didn’t turn out that way. Even though all that happened, I make a daily decision to try my best to look at things from a positive perspective and not let the negativity be the center of my thoughts. It’s all about perspective. It’s not easy but I try my best.

I wish you all a wonderful day and rest of the year! And hope to hear your stories soon.

Live Laugh Love

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