COURAGE – New Inspirational Quote Print

Just finished this one! It’s an old piece I had made many years ago for an art challenge!

The art challenge was to illustrate a gift you would give to someone you love and my gift was courage. I didn’t win the art challenge – for good reasons. My work was sub par haha BUT I did decide to revamp this old piece and added a quote about courage that I absolutely love.

If you’d like a copy of this illustration you most certainly can make a purchase on the Etsy store OR my DeviantArt page. It’s $5 for the downloaded file which you can then get printed at your local print shop!


There are so many moments in our life where we face obstacles of all shapes and sizes!

At that point we need to make a decision. Are we going to let fear control us and stop up from moving forward, or are we going to take that step forward in fear? Because that is true courage. It’s not NOT feeling afraid, it’s being afraid but acting anyways.

If you have a story you’d like to share, or some art work pertaining to healing, struggle, the ups and downs of life, etc PLEASE send me a message so I can share it on the blog 🙂


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