Asking for help

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I went to dinner with one of my friends a few days back and she was helping me cheer up from my difficult week. We spoke about loss, getting through hard times, dinner, and a million other things.

During the conversation we both mentioned the importance of reaching out to people when we are in need. We both grew up with a very independent, “I don’t need anyone” mentality and both agreed that one of the best things we learned was going to others when things get tough.

We live in a country where going to others for help is seen as a weakness. People let pride get in the way and for many reasons choose to do things on their own. A lot of times this reaps solitude, loneliness, darkness, sadness, and gets us in a pit that becomes even harder for us to get out of.

One of the most amazing things I learned in life that I am FOREVER grateful for is that it is OKAY to go to someone when you are going through a hard time.

((The key is to go to someone who you can trust, is wise, and is a true friend because sometimes we can go to people who just make the situation a million times worse. ))

This is to both men and women! It is OKAY to go to someone and feel weak, afraid, alone, lost, angry, frustrated, anxious, depressed, sad, etc. BUT you DO NOT have to do it alone. There are a lot of people in your life who possibly could have gone through something similar and understand, there are people in your life who are amazing, encouraging, loving, compassionate, and caring.

And if you don’t know people like that in your life, start to surround yourself by those kinds of people. There are so many support groups, churches, and positive forms of support in this world that are ready to be there for others going through difficult times.

So there is no need to do it alone! Especially when we pretend things are okay but they just aren’t. Stop being stubborn 😉 , swallow your pride, and get the help you need to become better, heal, and be happy again.

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