Life Changing

I read three things today that I wanted to share. Two from Devon Franklin who I follow on Instagram and I find to be so inspirational and one from a book by Max Lucado titled Facing your Giants.

I am a firm believer that you don’t just stumble across things accidentally!

The first two are as follows:


And the third was truly life changing for me. I was sitting on the couch today (actually still there haha) and was crying. Crying because I needed to let it out. Today has consisted of a lot of flipping negative thoughts to positive ones. When I’m distracted I am fine but the moment I have that empty space in my brain, that free time, the battle begins. Now as I’m reading “Facing your Giants” by Max Lucado I came across this line that really opened up my heart and is something I really needed to understand!

I know that there are times when I get angry. I cry out to God and ask Him “Why am I going through the pain and hurt and grief that I am going through?.”  Right? I’m sure there are a lot of you who go through that. We try to be a good human being and get bombarded by people who are jerks, who mistreat us, who make us feel small, who hurt us and make us want to be cold to the world. We tell ourselves, “well if that person can treat me that way I’m going to stop being nice and start being mean like everyone else.”

And this is when that life changing moment happened for me and I hope that it can be life changing for you too! In the book “Facing your Giants” I read this:

“Some years ago a rottweiler attacked our golden retriever puppy at a kennel. The worthless animal climbed out of its run and into Molly’s and nearly killed her. He left her with dozens of gashes and a dangling ear. My feelings toward that mutt were less than Davidic. Leave the two of us in a cave, and only one would have exited ((Here the writer is referring to David in the bible when he is constantly being chased by King Saul who wants to kill him. David ends up having multiple opportunities to kill King Saul (one being in a cave)but instead he refuses to kill him.)) I wrote a letter to the dog’s owner, urging him to put the dog to sleep. But when I showed the letter to the kennel owner, she begged me to reconsider. “What that dog did was horrible, but I’m still training him. I’m not finished with him yet.”

God would say the same about the rottweiler who attacked you. “What he did was unthinkable, unacceptable, inexcusable, but I’m not finished yet.” 

Your enemies still figure into God’s plan. Their pulse is proof. God hasn’t given up on them. They may be out of God’s will, but not out of his reach. You honor God when you see them, not as his failures, but as his projects.

– Facing your Giants by Max Lucado

Words can’t begin to describe how much I needed to read this today and I hope everyone who reads this post gets something out of it.

God is working on each and every one of us, we can’t forget that.

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