Care Package: FUN

My amazing friend Senny Lee’s dad runs an orphanage in Cambodia (The ministry is called Transformasia – ) full of a ton of awesome kids who play with rocks all day. Yup, rocks because they don’t have and can’t afford anything to play with. Because of this, Care Package:FUN was born and we need your help!

We are putting together fun packages for kiddos full of skateboards, dolls, footballs, jump ropes, and anything functional that kids can play with outside. (We are trying to steer away from action figure like toys and would prefer more interactive outside oriented items) But in order to do this, help is needed!

If anyone has old skateboards, baseballs, footballs, jump ropes, basketballs, dolls, cards etc that you no longer want but would love to donate to the cause, it would be much appreciated!!

**We will also be putting together a couple of mini packages for sale later down the road to go towards the cause so keep an eye out**

I love playing around and having a good time and honestly I think it would be awesome if we can help other kids do the same!

Message me if you’d like to donate :) ❤ 

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