Broken and Consumed

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.16.56 PM

Finally finished this beast. Phew! This is the first in many for a project called #healingbrokenhearts.

The story behind this… I was going through a lot and felt I couldn’t breath. I had numerous deaths in my family, went through a rough break-up, best friend was diagnosed with cancer with only a few days to live, and I just couldn’t deal with it. So I started this project a year ago as a means for those who may also be struggling and going through hardships as a way to let it out and essentially heal. I chose to draw as a way to heal and say f#ck you to all that negativity.

The concept behind this piece is that we are all surrounded by people and things that just consume us and suck our very soul out. There are people and things that chain us down and drain us of life. So this is a reminder that if you are feeling this way then that means those things and people have got to go!

I hope to turn this project into a series that will reflect the battle between this demon character and the girl character. The before and after healing. Stay tuned!

**For those wondering, my best friend went through emergency surgery which he survived. Then he went through chemo therapy and as of today is kicking cancers butt! So much for only having a few days to live ;)

ALSO… check out the details image of this concept art/illustration here

And as always, I’d love to see your work. If you have any artwork, poems, photo’s, etc depicting the three themes (hurting, healing, overcoming) please please please send me a message/link so I can post them.

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