All About Perspective

“Here’s the important lesson: the labels we give people do not actually determine who they are, only how we perceive them.”

Click here to watch the video if the imbedded video above is not working.

This video is a perfect example of what the topic of this post will be about today.

The video is about an experiment titled “Decoy” where 6 photographers are asked to photograph the same man in a manner that expresses his background story.  What they don’t know is that they each have been told a different background story. The results of the photos were drastic. Each photographer had taken a photo of a man they believed they had known based off of what they had been told. The same man had been perceived in 6 different ways.

The point of the experiment was to teach photographers about the importance of perspective, which leads me to this post.

Perspective is everything. As humans we tend to assume we know everything. Our assumptions place us in a box that keep us tied down and limited. It blinds us from everything that is outside of the box. We tend to get tunnel vision and are only able to obsessively focus on what’s right in front of us failing to see the bigger picture.

We do the same thing when it comes to our circumstances. Growing up we are told who we are, who we are to become, what we lack, what we aren’t and all of these statements place us in a box.

We are constantly categorized.

We then begin to believe what is said and most likely become a reflection of those very statements that may not even be true. Just like the photographers who captured what they believed to be the true identity of the man. The man became categorized and in turn the photos taken evoked false truths based off of false knowledge.

People may think you are crazy, ugly, poor, depressed, unstable, emotional, needy, etc. but it doesn’t matter what everyone else has to say. Don’t let their perceptions of you become you. Be who God made you to be. (And if you don’t believe in God that’s okay. The point is to be the best version of yourself) Don’t let others perspective of you become your perspective or your truth. All these titles and categories force us into a box. Just because you are emotional, needy, a millionaire, homeless, depressed, etc doesn’t mean that those things make you YOU. They may be a part of your life right now but they don’t define you.

All I ask is that you take a minute to reflect on your perspective. Are you perceiving whats true, or are you perceiving false “truths”? 

Just remember, sometimes our own thoughts can hinder and taint our perspectives and in those cases we are the ones that are placing ourselves in a box. Whether it’s us or someone else, remember that we are the only ones that control our outlooks.

We can choose to listen to everyone else (including our inner negative thoughts) or we can choose not to.

We can choose false truths or real truths.

Don’t let categories define who you are.

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