Simple Christmas Card

The holidays have the potential to be a very tough time of year for those who have lost loved ones, are alone, or are going through a lot.

Safyre is an 8 year old girl from New York who lost her family in a fire a couple years back. I believe it was her aunt who posted a simple Facebook post that explained all her niece wanted for Christmas was to get some Christmas cards for her Christmas card tree. This lead to Safyre receiving over 18,000 Christmas cards.

You can read more here – Full Article.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 1.32.47 PM

This is such an inspiring story. To see so many strangers send a girl Christmas cards is truly a beautiful thing to read about and I believe we shouldn’t stop there. With so many people going through a hard time this holiday season, try and make a point to wish someone happy holidays, send someone a Christmas card, invite over some friends for dinner, and spread love in as many ways as possible.

A simple gesture can go a long way!

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