Someones story 

A beautiful response to today’s blog post that I wanted to share. 

No matter how happy, enthusiastic, talented, full of passion or strong a person may seem, you simply never know. Ive been through the darkest of days. Lost in my own head, i came so close but thanks to support and love from a very dear friend did i overcome that dark period. People confuse suicide with wanting to die but thats not true, its more like you feel like you have to die. That the world is better off, that your loved ones are better off with you erased from the picture. Take a moment out and love one another. Appreciation for ones love or friendship can save a life, even if you may never know you are the one that saved them….sorry for the long comment lol. This hits close to home for me.

– jose p

If you’d love to share your story whether it’s a poem, story, drawing, please message me! 

I’d love to get as many stories out there to help those going through the struggle because the struggle is real.  ❤️

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