Fix me ups

Things that are fixed half assed tend to find a way of always breaking themselves once again. If someone needs stitches, a band-aid isn’t going to really do much if anything at all.

This week I’ve been working with mothers who have gone through so much pain and hurt from their past and present. They have been unwilling/unable to make the necessary changes needed to heal and overcome the different challenges they are facing. Failing to understand that by doing so, they will be so much better off. Of course they can’t see it because they are in the middle of it. I couldn’t see it either when I was going through hard times.

It’s hard to see the end of the storm when it’s raging all around you. 

People tend to focus on the negative and the hopelessness of a situation but we need to continue to fill ourselves with hope and determination to keep on keeping on.

One particular mother chatted with me today and told me how she wanted to end her life. How she couldn’t take it anymore and thought that the best solution was to leave this world and avoid dealing with everything. The thing is that by leaving this world, not only do we fail to overcome our challenge, we also miss out on the many beautiful opportunities life is waiting to give us.

I can remember many occasions in my life that I sat there completely checked out and over it all. I’ve felt like I was drowning, barely keeping my head above water. I’ve struggled so much to stay afloat that I couldn’t do much of anything else. I’ve had moments in life that I’ve tried to commit suicide because I didn’t see any other solution. But from experience I can say that if I made it, you can make it too. I no longer get suicidal thoughts. I haven’t had a suicidal thought pop into my head for over a decade. I still get in moments of feeling down where I feel like I’m just over everything but to me I have come a long way and that in itself is a huge accomplishment.


This illustration I came across on dA is a beautiful example of what it feels like to be overwhelmed and drowning.

Emotional Overload

Emotional Overload by Len-Yan


That’s why it is crucial to work on yourself. When you feel this much hurt inside, this much confusion, take a step back and help yourself get through it by working on you and healing from any past/present hurt you may be going through.

Remember that you are an amazing person and will do amazing things. Remember your worth and take a day at a time because it will get better.

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